Christmas With the Chipmunks

Hubby joins me in dedicating this post to our daughters, #1 and #2. When they see it, they will understand why. We practically wore the audio tape out from listening to it so many times when they were eager little kids who could hardly wait for Christmas day to come. (Note to #1 and 2: Please call the grand munchkins so they can watch it, too–and don’t forget Friday!) To all others, no matter what your religious views, we hope you enjoy this video about this cultural holiday we call Christmas in the U.S. of A. (For you old-timers like us, that’s the real David Seville in this version.)

4 thoughts on “Christmas With the Chipmunks

  1. Thanks, Mom!

    We had the record–I bet if you look through your collection, you’ll find it, though we lost the cover somehow. The label is black with a little rainbowy thing on the side.

    I thought it was Christmas do-deee-lay.

  2. Oh Lord….I remember listening to that over and over when my kids were small. I have to say I really don’t miss that particular Christmas song….lol

  3. We listened this morning. THe two grandkids listened OVER and OVEr and OVEr again.

    i think it’s a cross-generational hit.

  4. Terri’s comment is precisely why at some point, Mom instituted a rule that we could NOT listen to that record until after Thanksgiving. I can’t believe that we wanted to listen to it even earlier, but I guess we must have!

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