Just Thinking . . .

One of the sweetest love stories I’ve read lately is the one about Sandra Day O’Connor’s “lesson in love.” Her husband, John, was diagnosed 17 years ago with Alzheimers. When it became too difficult for her to continue to care for him at home, she placed him in an assisted living nursing home. From the accounts I’ve read, 48 hours later he fell in love with another woman who is also a patient. Apparently John no longer recognises his wife of 55 years. Ms. O’Connor is said to be taking the news in stride and is happy that the new living arrangement and new love interest have given him a new outlook on life. Too bad this woman’s loyalty and devotion to her husband cost the nation her seat in the supreme court.  It’s still a nice love story though.


From “around the globe section” of The Salt Lake City Tribune comes a different kind of love story, and on the opposite end of the age scale, this one about two young lovebirds, ages 22 and 25, in Philadelphia who were living the good life with trips abroad and other luxury perks. They were financing their life style with credit cards of their unsuspecting neighbors to the tune of $100,000 this year alone. A detective in the case, when speaking of the couple’s supportive family and private schooling, remarked that “they were two young people that were given many gifts in life, and the very best they could do was victimize other people.” I wonder how devoted they’ll remain to each other when it comes time to go to court?


From the same SLC issue I read about 80 year old twin sisters living in Madison, Wisconsin, who apparently like and dislike the same foods, met their husbands on the same day, from the same church group, had hysterectomies at the same time, always get their hair done together, and–ever since they were toddlers–have worn identical outfits every day except that one time they wore different shoes. Can you imagine walking around looking in the mirror all the time, in a sense, every time your sister’s around? I get sick enough of looking in my mirror in the morning when I get up, and just before I go to bed at night.


And last week’s mall tragedy in Omaha cut a little too close to home for comfort. It was just January this year when SLC suffered from their own catastrophic mall shooting at Trolley’s Square. If I had my way, guns like those automatics used in these killing sprees wouldn’t even be available. How many roads must a man walk down… and how many people must die senseless deaths before we as a nation realize guns are meant to kill, and not everyone should have them! And then do something about it!

3 thoughts on “Just Thinking . . .

  1. I’m left a bit speachless about the O’Day love story. More than speachless about the two young lovers. Gosh. Just stay warm, ignore the fools, bless the O’Days, and let someone else shovel the snow. I get reports from my family there as they shovel snow.

  2. I am constantly amazed after each of these tragedies that no one mentions taking those guns out of circulation. Every possible facet of the lives of the killers is discussed; guns are given short shrift. I guess we’ll never learn.

  3. Those guns will never be taken out of circulation, because regardless of any laws, criminals will always have access to contraband. Gun laws wan’t solve anything other than keep innocent people from protecting themselves, if they choose to do so.

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