Seasonal Musings

It was Hubby who first pointed it out to me while we were watching television last night. “Have you noticed how more and more commercials are featuring big item gift giving as the norm for Christmas?” Actually I hadn’t since I largely ignore most of them, inasmuch as is possible to ignore these things, especially as the volume increases automatically everytime one starts. But as I started to think about it I realized he was right.

Who are those people on those commercials anyhow? You know the ones I mean: Those  who wrap big red bows around brand new cars and leave them parked on driveways to be discovered the next morning by their unsuspecting spouses. Who buys big-screen high-definition TVs to surprise their husbands? I faint if my husband decided to give me a diamond that means forever. There’s nothing wrong with that kind of gift giving, if you can afford it, I suppose. It’s just that I never knew anyone with gift-giving habits like that, even though I’ve known people who have a lot of money. Do you suppose those commercials ever give anyone the idea that everybody else is giving and getting a lot better Christmas gifts than they?

So if you’re one of those who would like to simplify Christmas instead of staying on the same old rat-race year after year, a logical beginning would be to turn off the television from around the middle of October. Don’t turn it on again until the end of January when Sears finally quits imploring you to “give yourself what you didn’t get for Christmas.”


I forgot a very important link to this post. In support of the “cradle to the grave” indulgence pattern of some Americans–and YOU know who you are–here’s a shopping guide for that new baby. It’s a diamond pacifier like the one that was supposedlly given to Brad and Angelina for their new baby Shiloh when she was born a year or so ago. It’s only $17,000. If you want to check this pacifier out, to satisfy your curiosity or because you want to buy one for yourself, or if that’s a little steep for your budget this year, be sure you take a little time to look at the “personalized” but cheaper, albeit plastic, versions by clicking into the catalog sidebar on the left for your specific needs. God bless America!

6 thoughts on “Seasonal Musings

  1. Oh, I did spend money on my dear G, but I certainly didn’t get him a car, a new HD tv, or the new computer he realy wants that is over 4 grand. And I felt guilty spending as much as I did. For the kids, money and books. For the grandkids, books or bookstore gift certificates. That’s still a lot of money, but it isn’t a car. Geee…..

  2. Have you caught the commercial for Hyundai that equates “duh” with the best way to give holiday greetings, or some such thing? I think it’s the dumbest idea any ad agency ever brought to us, but I can’t decide whether the account exec was that stupid or they are pandering to the really stupid element in our midst.

    Being Jewish gives me a wonderful excuse to ignore the whole business.

  3. Good God! I’m shaking my head….lol And yes, I did notice those high-ticket items being touted on the Xmas commercials. But I also don’t know of a soul that got a new car for Xmas. What a world it’s coming to. Scary.

  4. From the “cradle” aspect, I was so amazed at an article in our local paper filled with ideas for baby’s first Christmas that I wrote a blog post about it:

    These are the kids who are going to be very disappointed when they don’t get cars and condos for Christmas when they reach their teen years.

    I noticed the Sears ad (I think) that shows a little girl getting an entire room full of clothes for Christmas…but she deserves it because she is now going to a school that doesn’t have uniforms. (poor baby).

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