Mrs. Hughes Observations on Life . . .

Mrs. Hughes is quite possibly the funniest grandmother around. Since it’s another gray day outside (here anyhow), and there’s nothing on television except re-runs or depressing news, spend the next seven minutes and 51 seconds with some healthy belly laughs. Normally I post videos at the end of the week or on the weekend, but this new discovery is too good to wait. Be forewarned, it’s cut off rather abruptly at the end, almost–but not quite–ruining the last lines, but it’s so funny, I know  you’ll enjoy it anyway. (Please see update below.)

February 4, 2008, Update: I have this information directly from Mrs. Hughes herself. She has two CD’s you can purchase. One is PG and the other is R lite. No profanity. If you are interested send her $15 for one or $25 for two (one each or two of each kind, please specify which). Mail to: Mrs Hughes, P. O. Box 1507, Pismo Beach, CA 93448.