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It’s the wrong time of year to write much, especially the stuff I’d prefer to write. There simply isn’t enough time for everything that needs doing in a day. Funny how much life in retirement is a continuation of the “too busy to live” syndrome of raising a family. You think life slows down when you get old but instead it speeds up! So while I was procrastinating this morning and thinking of reasons for not posting today, I found another blog that I like much better than mine. I want to tell you about it here.

This guy (I think it’s a guy) does stuff I never would have come up with. He bends wires and attaches them to ordinary things around the house to come up with amazing things. They all seem to have something to say, although–as he points out–not always accurately (see the Rx pictures to see what I mean).

So instead of wasting more time here reading the drivel here, go to his site today (also listed in my blogroll in the sidebar) and have a look for yourself. Oh, by the way, I must thank catch-her-in-the-wry, the prairie gourmet (another of her blogs) for the lead from her “interesting blogs” sidebar. (I noticed Wintersong listed there also. Don’t know how that happened, seeing as how it’s called “interesting blogs.”)

2 thoughts on “Creative Blogs

  1. I agree. It is funny about retirement. Life does not slow down and you really have to plan carefully and schedule in those major projects that have been waiting for forty years. I’ve not found a rhythm yet.

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