Seeking a Cure for “Blogger’s Block”

Our city gets something on the order of 267 sunshiny days spread over the 365 of the year. Today isn’t one of them. I look across to the west towards the Oquirrh Mountains to see a beige mist slowly floating towards the valley below. From the weather forecast it looks like snow will be flirting with us all week, maybe even leaving a couple of inches overnight.

With Hubby away at the gym and then in a meeting until mid-afternoon, I’m still sitting here in pajamas at an hour before noon, reading blogs and half-hoping to come up with something meaningful I’d like to post about. Found plenty to peeve about all right, but somehow I’m just not in the mood to write anything, either ranting or humorous. I recognize the signs, sure enough! I have blogger’s block.

So with the cloudy dullness settling in all around me outside and within, I think I’ll just go and slip into some warm fleece and let whatever will come – come – or not. In the meantime, since we’re totally out of bread, I believe I’ll go into the kitchen and try out my old Kitchen Aid’s kneading hook, now that my fingers are too gnarled and weakend to hand knead, and make my Ohio friend Sharon’s all-bran bread. (Look on my Recipe Page to find the recipe or click here.) Then I may whip up a big pot of soup that might could simmer all day long over a very slow burner. Once those aromas start wafting through the house, who knows what I’ll think of next?

Have a cozy day and just enjoy “being” whatever YOU are, wherever YOU are, and doing – or not doing – whatever it is that you do or do not want to do today! That’s one of the good things about getting old.   

2 thoughts on “Seeking a Cure for “Blogger’s Block”

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