Interesting observations . . .

Just made an interesting observation. On the weeks I post often, I get spam mail (which is usually caught by the spam blocker) and “splogs” to the tune of about 100 a day. I don’t know how that number compares with other blogging sites, and even though it’s “caught” it annoys me, especially as I run through quickly to see what it is. Most of it is about cars, but there’s a disgusting number of links to pornography.

The past few days I’ve been unable to sit down and write due to the holidays, out of town visits, etc. The number of people visiting the site has understandably dropped, but so has the number of daily splogs that put a damper on blogging. Today there were only 27! It’s definitely something that deserves more observation over the next weeks.

It would be interesting to know how other bloggers feel about spam and splogs, and downright plagiarism of entire posts (which I was able to catch once–who knows how often it happens?). What do they do about these things?

As for my blogging, with any luck I’ll get back into a more normal posting routine soon. (And I bet you the splogs and spam numbers go up too!)

Meanwhile, enjoy those Thanksgiving leftovers!

1 thought on “Interesting observations . . .

  1. I was being snowballed from 25 spams to over a hundred each day. Instead of changing my address, I went through each letter and clicking on the ‘unsubscribe’
    line. Do you know, it worked, and now, I get a few about prescriptions or viagra where the sender’s address is phony and it comes back to me. But down to ten a day was worth the one night spent unsubscribing.

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