Happy Giving Thanks Day

I was going to post a really neat Thanksgiving card today (that I stole from my friend Ginger!) but it didn’t meet the WordPress security standards (whatever that means) so I’m going to have to skip it.

Daughter #2 arrived yesterday from Queens (NY). Daughter #1 was feeling a little porely yesterday, but hopefully will rally enough to be #1 cook here at our house for our semi-vegetarian Thanksgiving feast. She gave out assignments for our contributions on the weekend: I’ll make three pies, two pumpkin, and one chocolate-pecan-bourbon because one of us doesn’t like pumpkin. Hubby will contribute his Peruvian sweet potato casserole he got from Spanish class, since no one else is learning Spanish and can’t read the recipe. We’ll have chicken, because turkeys leave too many leftovers and two of us don’t like them, which leaves three adults and two children who really only like chocolate and shrimp and ham cubes. Plus there’ll be all kinds of fresh foods she chooses, because she’s very consciencious about cooking and serving only fresh vegetables and foods. But all this hinges on whether the virus decides to leave in time so she’ll feel up to cooking, which normally she loves doing.

There’s a distinct possibility, therefore, that our family may be sitting down tomorrow to a (gasp!) meal that I have a more direct hand in cooking, or, who knows? One thing I’m now understanding and remembering about my own mother’s lament in not enjoying cooking much as she grew older, is that cooking is something I need to do with no one around except myself. I can’t divide my attention as well as I did when I was younger. Plus, I just get plumb tuckered out more. Cross your fingers for us, please!

Of course there’s one more option always open, I hope, this year as well. Maybe we’ll send out for Chinese this year! Cross your fingers #1 feels good tomorrow! ‘Cause what I didn’t tell you (until now) is that daughter #1 ate dinner here the night before she got sick. Do you think that means something? Oh and in the meantime, have a happy day giving thanks tomorrow. We will, whether we eat well or not. 

2 thoughts on “Happy Giving Thanks Day

  1. Yes, I too am one of those who no longer enjoy cooking. By eating with Duck at his nursing home, we accomplish my not cooking while seeing our friend. A good solution all around.

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