What’s Diwali Without a Camera?

Oops! Not for the first time I forgot to tuck my camera in my purse yesterday when we left for Diwali festival of lights celebration downtown at the library–just in case–and lately I have to say I’ve missed some great photo opportunities because of my forgetfulness, this one just one more among themOh well. And yes, there were beautifully garbed women and children performing some of the more popular classic dances from different regions that would have enhanced this posting enormously. So I’ll have to take my usual “seat o’the pants” approach to blogging instead.

If you love the saree (or sari) as much as I do and would like to learn more about the various weaves and fabrics used for them, do go to this website that has a wealth of information. Or, if you’ve ever wondered how you (western woman) might look in one, you may enjoy this saree fashion show on this page. If you like this sooooo much you want to go shopping (or just enjoy looking at different saree styles), click here, for a dazzling selection.

(Excuse me for inserting one of my usual asides here: One of my favorite touristy destinations in India is Rajasthan, which is of course a vast desert but one of the most surprisingly beautiful places in India. What the landscape lacks in color is more than made up for by the colorful dress of the women of the region. Also, when everything about you is barren and brown, the hint of color in a random wThomas and Vimmyildflower looks twice as radiant.) 

A perfect ending for this ethnic outing was the snack of Samosas with a side of mint-coriander chutney, and my very favorite Indian sweet, Laddu, provided by the local Indian food vendors. Recipes abound for these delicious Indian treats, but on my recipe surfing adventure, this one for samosa or this one for laddu looked especially promising.

In case none of this interests you, I’m using this post as an excuse to include a recent school photograph of my five-year-old grandson, Thomas, and his two-year-old sister, Vimala, because few can resist a couple of cute kids, right? Also, they are one-quarter Indian and therefore, say I, rightfully belong in this post.  

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