Later today, with camera in hand, I’ll be attending a local Divali holiday (Indian festival of lights) celebrations. This will be my first here in this country so I have no idea what I might expect. The very least should yield me some beautiful sareed women, and I’ll hopefully see and photograph some Bangra dancers and/or dancing. If I’m lucky, I’ll get something posted later today. In the meantime I need to clean the kitchen from Hubby’s Saturday morning pancake breakfast. How come when I cook I have to clean the kitchen, and when he cooks I still get to clean the kitchen?!

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  1. Good question:-) I guess most of women are in the same boat. Mabybe because we are ” good at cleaning”…
    Your blog is amazing. It sounds that life starts at retirement:-)

  2. Hi Wenlian! So good to hear from you. Retirement is good, except that women rarely get to “retire” as such. The house continues to need cleaning, cooking and cleaning never end; we women just have to learn to insist our spouses assume a more equal opportunity in domesticity. But training them to think like this after a lifetime of little or no responsibilities in the home requires much diligence!

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