Disturbing Word Searches

As a fairly new blogger, I find the variety of ways blog readers find Wintersong intriguing. It takes awhile to attract notice, and you always hope it’ll be the notice of nice, interesting people. Lately, an entry in my blog statistics has left me feeling a little disturbed. Here’s a list of search words that led readers to me today.

brother and sister sex, warhol portraits, grave as you are so once was i, car safety for young children, stepping tones hawaiian war chant, uganda beads, winter song, wealthiest third-world country, nance dude, little girl teacher

I think I remember mentioning Warhol in a post so I understand that one, grave as you are no doubt points to my page of headstone humor, hawaiian war chant and uganda beads I mentioned in posts, as well as third-world country and nance dude. But where do the others come from? Car safety for young children? Can’t even conceive of that one. Little girl teacher? Well, maybe, if I stretch my brain real hard, I remember referring to myself as in “when I was a little girl” so that one makes sense. 

But for the life of me, where does brother and sister sex come in? Okay. I remember writing about the grandchildren, perhaps mentioning granddaughter and her brother, and vice versa. But nothing about sex.

Since this has happened two times that I know of, I decided to feed those same words into google search. To see how far into the pages my blog would pop up. I came across the worst possible filth you can imagine–not the actual websites, mind you (I was very careful NOT to click into any of them!)–but the titles were almost as disturbing. I’m pleased to say I did not see Wintersong mentioned anywhere, so I’m still at a loss as to how and why anyone would find themselves in Wintersong using those words in a search engine!

Somebody out there who understands these things, will you please comment?  

2 thoughts on “Disturbing Word Searches

  1. Fat Old Artist gets frequent searches for terms like “fat old movies” that have something to do with sex. It has even been linked by two porn sites with fat women. I thought I was being funny when I chose that name. I had no idea there could be anything sexual about it.

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