Off and Running . . . Literally

A big day today! Classes soon, and an early dinner party at the home of one of Hubby’s Spanish classmates. It’ll be a Spanish themed potluck and I’ve been invited to come along because the Professor, Marta, is nice and seems to like me; I know she likes Hubby. He’s so cute, who wouldn’t?

Knowing today would be impossible otherwise, I cheated a tiny little bit and started my nanowrimo project yesterday afternoon, so that I could be officially beginning the first day. I’ve logged in 1436 words (a little short of the 1670-something I need to do every day) and I’ve uploaded a novel excerpt. If any of my blogger friends are interested in seeing what the madness is about, go here. Word thieves, stay away! This excerpt could change further into the month as things go along; not sure yet about what I’m doing but I learn something every day.

Actually I’ve had a few misgivings, since there are lots of word thieves out there in the blogosphere. I’ve had several of my posts stolen (there’s no other word for it) and used on other blogs without any linkback or attribution…one by a commercial blog called This is a warning to them and others like them. I met a witch last night, so don’t think you’ll get away with this indefinitely! We’ll get you my pretties and then we’ll take care of you! If the witch needs it, I have a friend who has a friend of a friend, etc. I think you get my drift! 

One day when I have more time, I’ll think about and write on this problem a bit more.

3 thoughts on “Off and Running . . . Literally

  1. I have a post in draft on the same subject of stealing intellectual property. Stealing is theft, and it’s especially worse when you advertise your full copyright on your blog. They’re thumbing their noses at you with a “So what?”

    Only when they are punished financially will it stop. It’s good you have “people.” So do I.

  2. Way to go, Alice! I started mine but haven’t posted anything. I have no clue what will happen in it between now and the end … well I have a clue I suppose but not much of one. I have no time now until later tonight and I don’t have near the number of words yet … only 2 pages. Sheesh

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