171 Starbucks in One New York Day

Considering the amount of sleep I’ve lost in the past few nights of overnight babysitting with a two- and five-year-old, you’d think the last thing from my mind would be coffee, wouldn’t you? Everytime I drive about town, however, I’m struck by how many Starbucks there are everywhere. Even here in Utah where caffeine drinks are taboo for a large percentage of the population, there are Starbucks clones, or wannabes like the Beanery or Java Hut, scattered all around town.

Add to the proliferation of Starbucks the American pop-culture thinking that everyone can have at least 15 minutes of fame? In this 10+ minute video presentation (from newhart4 on YouTube), commedian/film maker Mark Malkoff attempts to visit all 171 Starbucks in Manhattan within one day. To do so, he will need to stop at a new Starbucks store every seven minutes of every hour. Will he make it?

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