Fun Time

When I was in my teens, I and my friend Annette did a comedy routine for a school audience. I told a story while Annette moved her arms and legs, draped with clothing that hid her, but showed her legs and arms with my face. You saw me, and heard my voice, but the movements were provided by her. Of course it was exaggerated, and I nearly fell off the table I was straddling but the kids in the audience loved it.

This very popular video, which has been viewed nearly nine-million times since it was published by Killi1 on YouTube in spring of 2006, reminded me of that skit, so I decided to show it here. You have to get about halfway in before the routine similar to the routine described above. I still think it’s funny. Hope it gives you a good laugh as it did me.

5 thoughts on “Fun Time

  1. Thanks for the note. Writing, I got as good as I am by joining a writing class after I graduated, and later I added a graduate poetry group. Then I write here every day I am not at work. I try. It’s exciting to find something I can do well post stroke. Very exciting.

    And yes, delightful. Thanks for sharing the video with us.

  2. This is hilarious… We used to do this in girls scout camps too, a “feed youghurt to the other one” version, and the persons playing were picked out by the moderator of the evening… Well, if there was an old grudge between the two…

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