A Follow-up Open Letter to United Healthcare

Dear United Healthcare:

This is going to be hard to believe, I know! Today I opened my mailbox and guess what was waiting for me? Yup! Fifteen large promotionals much like those I wrote to you about via my open letter blogpost yesterday. They were addressed in exactly the same way: Mrs. SoAndSo.

So tomorrow, I’m mailing all 30 back to Secure Horizons in Kansas City, Missouri. The original 15 will go to the pre-paid address they provided in that mailing, and the 15 from today I’ll simply mark “Return to Sender.”

Please, please, please take my name off your promo list. I’m already a member, but might not be for much longer. I don’t think you can afford the postage to keep pursuing me.

Mrs. SoAndSo in Utah

2 thoughts on “A Follow-up Open Letter to United Healthcare

  1. Too bad United Healthcare won’t read your posts. I keep hoping I’ll get a response from one of my rants, but to date, I have received only one response from a post. Someone from the Andy Warhol Museum here in Pittsburgh thanked me for nice things I said about them. Made me feel warm all over.

  2. After my mother in law had died, cards and letters began arriving in our mail box for her from this same company. It took several phone calls before they stopped and removed her name from their mailing list. Mage

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