Notes on Ageism and Other Confessions

 Today is the first day of Fall classes for OSHER, so I’ll be taking the day off and not writing a regular post today.

Folks, in case you didn’t realise it already, ageism in this country is alive and well. Be forewarned that it just might get your dander up, but I encourage you to go on over to Ronni Bennett’s Elderblogger where she reports on a particular incident of audience discrimination in Hollywood. After you’ve finished reading, you’ll see that Ronni has graciously featured a journal entry of mine, “Confessions of a Nature Lover.” Reading that will, hopefully, lower your blood pressure a bit.

When you note the accolades for Ronni’s work in the righthand sidebars, you’ll see why I feel especially honored to be featured here. On the left sidebar, you’ll also find hundreds of other bloggers over the age of fifty, any one of which offers good, thoughtful, and intelligent writing, putting immediately to rest, I hope, many preconceived and negative assumptions of what growing older means in terms of mental capacity and insight.

2 thoughts on “Notes on Ageism and Other Confessions

  1. Thank you for the mention of my blog, but particularly that list elderbloggers. When I started Time Goes By four years ago, I spent weeks looking for blogs written by elders and found perhaps a dozen then. Our ranks are growing – blogging is an excellent elder activity.

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