Saturday Night Community Fever

There may have been a lot of things going on in our town last night, but nothing could beat the bargain we area residents were treated to. It was a free “island luau” sponsored by Millcreek Township (that includes local community council to which Hubby was elected last fall).

Salt Lake City has a large population of Pacific Islanders (about 20%) who do an admirable job of holding onto their individual heritage. A Polynesian-style dinner of chicken, Kahlua pork, rice and macaroni salad, was catered by Lani Kai Hawaiian BBQ, a local restaurant. The South Seas Serenaders performed live music and dances from all Pacific islands. Theyall have regular jobs but perform for large corporate parties and other special occasions. As dark descended, a fire twirling dance provided just the right climax to the evening.

Utah’s a pretty good place to live after all, don’t you think? What I think I’m really saying is, “you get about as much good out of a place as you’re willing to put into it.” Enjoy your life wherever you find yourself.

Sorry, I can’t bring you the sounds that would better represent the evening. Maybe you can use your imagination.

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