Babies Laughing, Singing, and . . . wot? Cussing?

Today is Labor Day, and rather than backyard picnics or cookouts, I’ll be going shopping. Funny how Labor Day has become a sales event in America’s mindset, rather than its original intent of honoring working men and women. With lots of office and university closings, we’re divided today into groups: those who’re “off” from laboring, and those who aren’t. I’m happy to one who isn’t, except that shopping is a little worse than work. Nothing except an ailing refrigerator would get me out of the house today anyway, since temperatures are expected to be near 100 today!

Rather than taking the time to write something “intelligent” or otherwise, as if you’d care anyway, I offer this comedic relief, which I drafted earlier to post on a busy day. Nothing cuter, sweeter, and funnier than babies–unless it’s small kittens or puppies! 

                                  *     *       *        *       *

Cable TV! A hundred and some channels and there wasn’t a thing to watch tonight! I suppose that’s as good a reason as any to go internet surfing. If you need a good laugh today, take a look at a few things I found. (If I ever go into stand-up comedy, I hope these babies are in the audience):

Everybody needs a good laugh, but that’s all for today.  

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