Gremlins & Computer Glitches

I love computer technology! I hate computer technology! (sometimes!)

My playing around yesterday and putting up what I hoped to be fabulous new pages was only a semi-success. And, okay, it really wasn’t gremlins and neither was it glitches with the software. Yes! It was me! I forgot to click publish and I didn’t click save so the subpages on the travelogue, more good stuff, and recipes didn’t show up for those who tried to view them. Luckily I figured the problem out quickly and fixed it. I hope you’ll look into the new pages as mentioned in yesterday’s post.

1 thought on “Gremlins & Computer Glitches

  1. LOL….don’t ya just hate it when you can’t blame anybody but yourself?
    I did look at the photos/video and they were great. Really enjoyed them!

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