A Simple Explanation!

Why does it seem that suicide bombers are always Islamic? It’s really very simple in psychological terms as I read recently in Psychology Today. We know, for instance, that suicide bombers are “not only significantly younger than most Muslim population in general, but other (nonsuicidal) members of their own extreme political organizations.” They are usually single. 

In polygynous societies, men can and do have more than one wife. Consider that on the simplest of terms by thinking of an imaginary country with a population of 100,000 people of whom 50,000 are male, the rest female. Take away 10 percent of each sex, allowing for children too young for marriage, and that leaves 45,000 sexually mature men and 45,000 sextually mature women. Let’s say half of those 45,000, or 22,500, men by virtue of their religious rights all have more than one but, for the sake of this argument, we’ll limit them to TWO wives.

What are the other 22,500 men to do now that all the women are taken, usually by richer men who are most likely the older ones? That leaves a lot of “stirred-up” teens and young adult, less affluent men who may be more vulnerable to extremist religious sects that promise 72 virgins on the “other side.” Considering the alternative, wouldn’t that look like an attractive and viable option to your “no sex in this lifetime” dilemma?

If studies showing that lack of sex leads to aggression are true, is it any wonder then that most suicide bombers tend to be young, less affluent, single men from polygynous socities? Further consider that the biggest thorn in George W’s side, Osama Bin Laden, is NOT a suicide bomber. How many wives does he have? According to this website  he has at least three. He’s rich, too. Odds are good he’ll never strap an explosive-filled vest to become a suicide bomber himself!

I just feel sorry for all those suicide bombers who, when they finally arrive at their polygynous heaven, learn that those 72 virgins are just another myth, dreamed up by rich religious leaders who weren’t satisfied with just one wife. Where in the heaven could 72 virgins times X-number of suicide bombers possibly be found?! The numbers would be astounding. 

Oh, an awful thought just struck! Could they be from all those female infanticides from India and China, and other male obsessed societies? (That’s the only source I can think of.) Omygosh! The bitter disappointment of arriving all horny and the girls are too young! Maybe they’d (the suicide bombers) have had better luck going to hell!  

2 thoughts on “A Simple Explanation!

  1. that’s a very interesting hypothesis… there are other polygonous society in other places and times, perhaps they could do a study on violence in society versus number of wives men can have. And they could see if polyandry societies were anymore peaceful or not.

    also, I don’t think the female souls from India or China would be up in heaven waiting for them. They go by karmic rules and would be reborn in another life.

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