Toilet Talk

(I decided to offer you a post to provide a bit of comedic relief after the previous post about healthcare reform and the suggestion of a single-pay healthcare system for this country. Be sure to read the comments to see what others had to say to contribute to this story.)

Okay I know you’re going to be bombarded from left and right about this story that broke a few days ago, and many of you may already have seen it, but for those who did miss it (and since I’m pretty busy today with domestic duties and don’t have time to write a “real” post) here’s a link to the toilet talk coming out of Chongquig, China.

I believe China still boasts the largest population in the world, (a dubious distinction in my opinion but still . . .) and now they’re shooting for another record. They want to set a new Guiness record by having the biggest public toilet facility in the world. The link will take you to the straightest and cleanest toilet talk you’ll find online. Be sure to look at ALL the pictures and videos. Wouldn’t want you to miss a thing.

Now we’re on the subject, anybody else gotta go? Back with more later. 

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