Poor Little Rich Girl

Life is full of extreme opposites . . . like how great I felt yesterday to share a story about a generous American who happens to live in Utah.  The video showing the artist packing those portraits of fallen soldiers, and in a sense sending them home to be reunited with their grieving families, made me smile and cry at the same time. We need more people like that.

On the opposite side, however, today I’m ready to vomit after watching the other end of the spectrum, the spoiled American brat. Poor Mackenzie didn’t get the right color car for her birthday! Poor poor dear.

Is this what those soldiers in the portraits are dying for? So kids like Mackenzie can keep having tantrums about her birthday car not being the right color? People out there, wake up! Is this what we’re doing to our children? The result of giving kids too much “stuff” creeps up so insiduously that some of us may wake up one day to see our progeny turned into something very much like the spoiled brat in this video who needs a good kick in the fanny if you ask me!  You’ve gotta watch this! No words of mine can do it justice. And please leave your comments to let me know I’m not alone in my disgust! Or, do you think it’s a fake?

1 thought on “Poor Little Rich Girl

  1. OH, trust me, you’re NOT alone in your disgust! Unreal!
    I’m not sure if it’s fake or not….it really didn’t seem to be, but in today’s world, who knows, huh?
    I WILL say this though….Unfortunately, I think the way she acted is pretty common. For so many of the kids today, it’s all about them. Very sad!

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