Thanks Katie Couric! for Setting the Example.

I cannot tell you the number of times the past couple of days that I’ve paused and said to myself “Wow! It’s over!” I refer of course to the recent colonoscopy I underwent. Thanks to you who commented to reassure me that it really wasn’t all that bad. You were right! The worst part really was the preparation the day before when you need to stay pretty close to a bathroom. Though I won’t see the doctor to discuss the results until the end of the month, he indicated he didn’t see anything that looked bad, though he did find and remove a couple of polyps. Hopefully those will be benign. If not, then at least I’ll know and can begin trying to do something about it. Far worse, I think, would be not knowing if something bad is going on inside you. You know that new old saying that cropped up a few years ago, “if Mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy?” I noticed a sign on the waiting room in the Endoscopy waiting room that said something to the same effect: “without a healthy colon, ain’t no body happy.”  (my scewed words to make the point!)

As for Katie Couric, I guess the jury’s still out on her effectiveness as a CBS anchor person. (All I can say is, “Walter Cronkite, I sure do miss you!” Heck, I even miss Dan Rather. To show you how far back in CBS news watching I go, I remember Douglas Edward’s half hour news show way back when . . . ) But, Katie, even though you’ll probably be more remembered through the years as the colonoscopy gal, “you done good, girl!”

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