What was Katie Thinking Before her Big C-day?

Two days to go in the great Colonoscopy Countdown! Tomorrow’s the big “cleaning out” party event to which no one’s invited! Sorry.

I find myself now shifting from nervousness to resignation (sort of), and the new worry is focused more on what may turn up from these tests. That’s another countdown of sorts, until the 29th when I’ll review the results with the doctor. In the meantime I’m trying to think about better things I can blog about after all of this is over, when I get my thinking back in order. I’ll be back.

1 thought on “What was Katie Thinking Before her Big C-day?

  1. I’ve done it a few times and am due for another soon. The prep is worse than the actual thing, and the chances are excellent that nothing will turn up, or whatever will be taken care of without any fuss. I’m plugging for you. Remember, I’m next:)

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