Hear my wintersong…

From the time I began this blog (Christmas 2006) I knew I had misnamed the page. I just couldn’t think what I wanted to call it. Giving it the right title is probably the most important thing in a blog. Daughter Vim came up with Alice Wonders and, lacking any better ideas, I called it that. It didn’t sound quite right, but was closest to the idea behind my original intent for the blog.

As often happens, the answer came to me in the middle of the night from somewhere in the deep recesses of my mind. I remembered being quite taken many years back (while we were living in Ohio), when I was technically only middle aged, when we passed a home for “senior citizens” called Wintersong. How poetic. THAT’s what I wanted to call my blog. Wintersong.

Hubby inquired when informed of the new name if I couldn’t call it something more along the lines of Fall… (Fall Song?) but I assured him now that I’m on the verge of 65 and realistic about most things in my life, I thought it was time to recognize that I am entering the winter of my years…the early days of those winter years perhaps, but mine is a winter song. Fall, fondly remembered, has been left behind along with spring and summer.

Now it appears that I’m a bonafide writer of a bonafide web log, and it occurs to me I ought to get on the stick and write something regularly. That’s intimidating when you think about it! The up side is that I now have a whole playroom all to myself, sort of like Virginia Wolf’s room of her own where I can play with words as often as I like even if I don’t have a lot of time.

It doesn’t have to good, though not being good isn’t necessarily bad. It’s just my winter song. Whether I remember the right words and hit the high notes or croak just a bit, it’s only my winter song after all.

1 thought on “Hear my wintersong…

  1. This was great. Really enjoyed it and learned even more about you.
    I did like AliceWonders too….but I’d have to say I like Wintersong better. Hmmm, could that possibly be because I turned 60 a few months ago? (smile)
    It just has a nice, soothing, sound to it.

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