What do I want to say anyhow?

To revisit my original posting, I should like to say again: I’ve been around for awhile, and like to think about why things are this and that and not the way I’d like them to be (sort of like “if I was God, this is how I’d do things…….) so I started this blog. And then I discovered I had a real problem, was putting the horse before the cart! I only knew that I enjoyed “writing” but hadn’t given a thought to what I wanted to say. I’ve only recently figured out that probably one of the reasons I’d never published is that one but big issue. “Almost” a few times, and winning several writing contests, mostly at writer’s conferences where somebody has to win, doesn’t count! (Actually, I believe this to be true of many aspiring writers as well. It’s easy to write but not that easy to figure out what you’re trying to say.)

So, after a noble beginning just before Christmas when things are too busy to spend hours at the computer, and realising the big problem, I decided to spend some time browsing other blogs before I have a go again at blogging. I still don’t know what I want to say, necessarily, but found I’m just as capable as lots of others I’ve seen. Funny thing I’ve noticed is that lots of people don’t seem to engage in real conversation face-to-face, but I see real evidence that they want someone to hear what they have to say. And there are plenty of those around (okay, I confess, I’m one!) who would like to know what people think but are afraid to say out loud. So, here goes the real beginning of an earnest attempt to “wonder out loud” whether I’m ever read by others or not. I’ll post as often as I have something I’d like to say or have the time; either will explain future big lapses in posting.

It's always nice to know what you're thinking...

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